Denmark gives the United States a peek into the future
with some logistical variations

 Dr. John D. Halamka, Health IT adviser to the Obama administration in New York Times

Coming up this October, the two-day conference Future of Health Innovation will examine and showcase new innovative ways to optimize the health care system.

In inspiring sessions, keynotes and Q&A, we will research every aspect of the patient’s health journey; from promotion, prevention, treatment to rehabilitation. Whether it is in the formalized hospital system, clinics or even at home, health technology can help patients and stake holders to support and smooth the health journey and provide better quality of life.

The basis for Future of Health Innovation is raising up-to-date questions for how to;

  • Promote healthy living and preventing diseases
  • Enable better management and data sharing between physician, hospital,
    pharmacy and patient
  • Optimize the use of resources in primary care, hospitals and medical clinics
  • Reduce costs related to rehabilitation through home care
  • Improve diagnostic and rehab processes through technology

With these questions in mind, the conference will bring together two spearheading parts of the world, Denmark and California, to let questions meet ideas and move closer to answers.

The two regions are front runners within these fields and have a great potential for closer collaboration in all areas of health innovation. In other words, Future of Health Innovation is facilitating a synergic encounter of best practices between Denmark and California.  

The conference is held at Stanford University and will feature leading health industry stake holders, including executives from private companies, public participants, health care providers, health advocates, hospital executives and scientific researchers.

Featured Speakers:

 Bertel Haarder, Minister of interior and health of Denmark

Adam Bosworth, Founder, Partner & CEO, Keas

Amy Keller, Research Associate, The Center for Health Design



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